About Upside

Upside is a workflow analytics platform for teams who believe in continuous improvement.

Rooted in data science and machine learning, we help teams find simple ways to continuously improve and become more satisfied in their working lives.

We help our customers build the best performing agile teams in the world. Effortlessly. And we ensure those teams are filled with people who love what they do.

  • Transparency

    Drive transparency and accountability at all levels of the company; teams and people.

  • Autonomy

    Build autonomous teams that take ownership; it results in hard work and high output.

  • Empowerment

    Enable everyone to achieve their targets, recognising and rewarding those who do.

  • Openness

    Encourage your people to be open with their thinking – it’s great to challenge positively.

How we do it

Let’s be honest, running multi-disciplinary teams can be tricky. Catching and fixing issues is a challenge. With Upside, you have the insights and tools to make it easy. We like to think of Upside as an “immune system” for your business, helping your teams course correct, adapt, and deliver.

We are laser-focused on adding value to all our stakeholders to enable strong teams. Upside is for executives, clients, team leads, and especially the team members themselves.

Our main analytics focus is on teams - given they succeed or fail together. That said, Upside also believes in understanding and celebrating the individuals on those teams.

Upside is a plug and play solution - it takes under five minutes to set up with your Jira account. Then simply kick back and watch the insights roll in. There is zero upkeep on your end.

Data is only useful if it leads to action - Upside will only look at KPIs that are valuable, instructive, and lead to action. You will find no vanity metrics to distract you here.

Upside encrypts data at rest and in-transit, and respects the pre-existing permissions users have in each data source we gather. We don’t need access to sensitive ticket data or code.

We promise to make you and your teams more productive




Build the world’s highest performing agile teams with Upside.