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Product and Engineering Processes
Can Be Convoluted and Opaque


Your teams lack efficient metrics

Product and engineering teams lack performance and engagement metrics that demonstrate whether they are on track and working effectively together.

Get everyone aligned with streamlined, simple metrics that highlight success


Your teams' speed normally slows as you scale

As teams and headcount grow, there is increased interdependency and more opportunity for work to become stuck. Upside surfaces problems your teams are having in real-time so you can resolve them asap.

Find and resolve the things that slow your company down as it grows


Your teams' mood is essential to their performance but it's hard to visualise

From team goals, relationships, and opportunities for personal growth, you need to understand where you can improve your teams' mood. It keeps them engaged and performing at their best.

Understand and improve your teams' mood with Upside's smart Check-Ins

Integrated with tools you already know and love

Jira and Github so far with many more to come!


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Michael Kent

Founder and Chairman, Azimo

Upside solves a real problem for modern technology companies. It gives effortless transparency on what’s going on in the teams and allows for more timely communications with them if there’s any issues.

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Damian Mitchell

Head of Engineering, Dopay

Upside has helped us spot and solve the core issues and bottlenecks on our teams. We’ve never felt as productive nor had as much trust by the wider organisation.

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Natalie Foster

Scrum Master, Chillibean

Upside is already helping us manage our teams more effectively. I’m also really excited at what’s coming. They involve us, their community, in everything and I love feeding back on their roadmap and designs.

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