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Improving the Employee Experience

Actionable, real-time data empowers your best work-life


It's hard to stop worrying about whether people recognise your good work

Stop feeling pressured to put in facetime, being in the office, or online by 8.30 am, and end the 'missed meeting' fear. Upside surfaces how awesome you really are so you can work on your own terms. Magic.

Upside surfaces all the work you get done so you can work where you want, the hours you want, without concern of what others will think


It's difficult to speak your mind

It's easy to say what's going well but hard to say what's going poorly. You think it'll be ok, but you're not 100% sure. Put an end to this second-guessing and share your thoughts without hesitation.

Upside's fully anonymous Check-ins let you say what is and isn't working in your team and company so everyone can focus on improvements


Your performance reviews are subject to biases

Instead of worrying whether your manager remembers all the great work you've done over the last few months, show them! Performance reviews have been unjustly subject to a host of human bias' like recency bias, like-me bias, gender, and race bias for too long. You finally have the tools to make better performance reviews a reality.

Upside gives you objective performance data to support your promotion or payrise

Integrated with tools you already know and love

Jira and Github so far with many more to come!


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Michael Kent

Founder and Chairman, Azimo

Upside solves a real problem for modern technology companies. It gives effortless transparency on what’s going on in the teams and allows for more timely communications with them if there’s any issues.

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Damian Mitchell

Head of Engineering, Dopay

Upside has helped us spot and solve the core issues and bottlenecks on our teams. We’ve never felt as productive nor had as much trust by the wider organisation.

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Natalie Foster

Scrum Master, Chillibean

Upside is already helping us manage our teams more effectively. I’m also really excited at what’s coming. They involve us, their community, in everything and I love feeding back on their roadmap and designs.

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